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SENCO 15 Ga. 34° Angled Strip Finish Nails

SENCO 15 Ga. 34° Angled Strip Finish Nails
Item CodeLengthDiameterHeadPointFinishCoatingCarton Count
DA13EPBN1"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA15EPBN1 1/4"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA17EPBN1 1/2"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA19EPBN1 3/4"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA21EPBN2"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA23EPBN2 1/4"DAChiselBright BasicSencote4M
DA25EPB2 1/2"DAChiselBright BasicSencote3M
A3015001 1/2"DAChiselBright BasicSencote.7M
A3017501 3/4"DAChiselBright BasicSencote.7M
A3020002"DAChiselBright BasicSencote.7M
A3025002 1/2"DAChiselBright BasicSencote.7M
DA15EABN1 1/4"DAChiselGalvanizedSencote4M
DA17EABN1 1/2"DAChiselGalvanizedSencote4M
DA19EABN1 3/4"DAChiselGalvanizedSencote4M
DA25EAB2 1/2"DAChiselGalvanizedSencote3M
A3025092 1/2"DAChiselGalvanizedSencote.7M
DA25EGB2 1/2"DAChiselStainlessSencote1.2M
DA15AIA1 1/4"DADiamondHardenedPlain4M
DA17AIA1 1/2"DADiamondHardenedPlain4M
DA19AIA1 3/4"DADiamondHardenedPlain4M

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Roofing Nail Coverage
I am planning to put a new roof on my home and I'm working up a material and cost sheet. I'm retired from the construction field, and of course, on a limited budget. I decided that I am going to purchase a new RoofPro455XP roofing gun. How many roofing nails will install each square (10 foot by 10 foot area) of 3-tab asphalt shingles?



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