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Turn Your Power Screwdriver into an Auto-Feed Screw Gun with New Senco® Attachments Featuring DuraSpin® Technology

January 31, 2012 - Mischel Schonberg

CINCINNATI (January 31, 2012) – Senco, the leader in professional power fastening technology, is introducing three new auto-feed screwdriver attachments featuring DuraSpin technology: the DS110, the DS210 and the DS310.

Using an adapter, the attachments convert almost any power screwdriver into an auto-feed screw gun capable of driving screws into metal, drywall and wood surfaces quickly and efficiently.

The DS110 and DS210 attachment can be adjusted to drive screws ranging from 5/8” up to 2” long; the DS310 is capable of handling fasteners from 5/8” up to 3” long.

Senco’s collated screw strip attachment saves time by eliminating the need to load fasteners individually. The tool’s feed on return functionality puts the screw in line before you drive, for fast, efficient placement without jams or misfeeds.

An easy to use depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise amount of countersink required for the surface material.

All three attachments feature an aluminum frame construction for improved durability and hold 50 screws per strip for less frequent reloading.


The DS110 attachment is designed specifically for metal-to-metal applications including wall panel construction, structural decking, metal truss assembly, steel framing and sheathing.

The DS110’s short frame design and slim profile makes it easy to drive screws into corners and recessed channels. The attachment features an extended strip guide rail for improved performance when driving downward or at odd angles.

The flexible screw strip design stays clear of the sight-line when firing into corrugated steel shapes.

MSRP: $69


The DS210 is suitable for wall and ceiling applications as well as light gauge metal to metal fastening.

The tool features a small metal strip guide clip and a no-mar nosepiece to prevent damage to the drywall surface.

MSRP: $65


The versatile DS310 is ideal for the pro who needs auto-feed capability in a variety of applications ranging from subflooring and decking, drywall (to wood or steel studs), sheathing, foam insulation, underlayment, cement board, and fencing.

The attachment features an adjustable strip guide rail that allows users to dial in the desired resistance and also helps improve performance when driving screws downward or at odd angles.

A 21” extension pole and a 360-degree adjustable power-grip handle attachment are included for flooring applications.

MSRP: $109

All three auto-feed attachment kits are now available through Senco dealers. For locations, visit

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For nearly 60 years, Senco has been recognized around the world as the leading name in fasteners and power fastening tools for use in wood-to-wood construction, remodeling and a variety of industrial applications.

Senco’s comprehensive line of air-, battery- and gas-powered nailers, staplers and screwguns are available through professional distribution outlets in more than 40 countries.

The company proudly manufactures more than 750 styles, types and sizes of fasteners in its Cincinnati, Ohio facility.

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