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Gray Hose

  • Handles up to 250 psi working pressure
  • 4 to 1 working pressure to burst safety factor
  • Oil resistant nitrile tube
  • Tough, flexible neoprene cover
  • Braided textile reinforcing for max strength & kink resistance
  • Remains flexible (-40° to 200°F)

Item NumberHose SizeLengthFittings Used
PC00411/4"450 ft. & upLHB
PC00423/8"450 ft. & upLHB
PC00641/4"50 ft.
PC11521/4"100 ft.
PC00653/8"50 ft.
PC00591/4"50 ft.FPT
PC00601/4"100 ft.FPT
PC00623/8"50 ft.FPT
PC00633/8"100 ft.FPT
PC00451/4"50 ft.LHB
PC00461/4"100 ft.LHB
PC00483/8"50 ft.LHB
PC00493/8"100 ft.LHB