A History Of Improving The Way The World Works

SENCO makes hard work easier — that’s our story. Since the beginning, we’ve pioneered innovative solutions to the practical challenges. In the process we’ve made jobsites all over the world safer and more efficient. And we’ve made the lives of the men and women who work at them a little better.


Working from his basement, company founder Albert Juilfs produces the Springtramp Eliminator, a device that eliminated a common vibration problem with automobiles of the time. The Springtramp Eliminator is the first in very along line of innovative mechanical devices by the company that is to become SENCO.


The Springtramp Eliminator Company enters the fastener business with the creation of a bag/carton-stapler for Federated Department Stores.


Springtramp Eliminator Company draws upon its automobile knowledge to develop a pneumatic tacker for the General Motors Fisher Body. The tacker improves the factory’s efficiency by simplifying and enhancing the installation of headliner material.


Springtramp Eliminator Company is incorporated and shortens its name to the ancronym SENCO (Springtramp ElimiNator COmpany).


After WWII, the U.S. economy boomed and SENCO expanded. Between 1952 and 1957, facilities grow from 5,000 to more than 100,000 square feet. This growth is driven by increased demand for pneumatic tools and fasteners in the automotive, furniture, bedding and casket industries.


SENCO enters the export market, bringing innovative fastening technology to the world. By 1957, SENCO has distributors in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, South Africa and Sweden.


SENCO opens its first manufacturing facility on Broadwell Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it produces two new fastener products — paper taped framing nails and coil nails.


To keep up with increased demand and a rapidly expanding product line, SENCO builds a new state-of-the art (by 1972 standards) manufacturing plant at the Broadwell Road location for the production of nails and staples. The original Broadwell Road facility is rededicated to Tool Manufacturing Operations.


In partnership with Ethicon, Inc. (a division of Johnson & Johnson,) SENCO enters the surgical stapler field with the introduction of the world’s first totally disposable, mechanical skin-closure-closure system utilizing metallic fasteners.


SENCO introduces WeatherX, a line of corrosion-resistant fasteners ideal for exterior applications.


SENCO receives an International Code Council (ICC) certification for its Broadwell Road manufacturing facility.


SENCO holds the inaugural Commitment to Excellence, a companywide event, which highlights SENCO’s commitment to its Total Quality Process.


SENCO launches the SN325 Framing Nailer.


SENCO takes the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) show in Las Vegas by storm with the SFN40 and SN60 nailers, and the M2+ and M3+ staplers. SENCO continues to introduce new tools throughout the 90’s including the SLP20 Brad Nailer and the new FramePro nailer series.


SENCO revolutionizes the collated screw market with its DuraSpin® line (DS), which utilizes proprietary technology create a completely integrated auto-feed screw system. The first DuraSpin model (DS1) is a 14V cordless screw system. SENCO introduces a corded DS model later in the year as well as a loose screw gun attachment.


SENCO introduces loose screw gun, which replaced DeWalt tools originally offered with its attachments as a co-branded product. SENCO also launches introduces a generation 2 battery for the DS1, which includes multiple upgrades resulting in increased power and torque.


SENCO launches its Fusion line with the award-winning cordless 15-Gauge Fusion Finish Nailer. Fusion combines the best features of cordless and pneumatic technologies with a patented Reflex Shot design that delivers instant trigger response with no ramp-up time. Fusion technology also eliminates the need for fuel cells, along with the expense, fumes and cleaning associated with them.


SENCO continues the development of the Fusion Technology platform with two 16-gauge models, the F-16S and the F-16A, as well as the 18-gauge F-18.


SENCO acquires Expandet, a manufacturer and marketer of premium quality fasteners popular throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

SENCO continues to lead the professional fastening systems category with innovative new products such as the 16-Gauge construction staplers the SNS200XP, and SNS200XP-BST, the latter of which is a new addition to SENCO’s line of super-light, but strong magnesium tools.


SENCO completely reinvents the auto-feed screw system category with the launch of DS2 — the next generation of DuraSpin tools. These tools boast a patented feed system, corner-fit accessibility and application-specific features.

SENCO continues to add new tools throughout the year, including:

  • The all new Micropinner series —FinishPro23SXP and FinishPro23LXP
  • Ergonomic Cleat Nailer, designed for professional hardwood flooring
  • The SLS150XP, an 18-gauge stapler
  • The FramePro 325XP (the new standard in framing tools)
  • A new series of 200PSI


SENCO Screws earn high scores on the ICC-ES Evaluation Report. 24 self-piercing, self-drilling tapping screws meet the 2009 and 2012 IBC and IRC codes

Later in 2014, SENCO once again changes the face of professional woodworking with the introduction of the FinishPro21LXP. This 21-gauge finish nailer combines the hold and strength of an 18-gauge brad nailer with a diminutive mark closer to that of a 23-gauge pinner.


SENCO continues on into a bold new future...