Senco History


Making Hard Work Easier For Nearly 100 Years


Humble Beginnings

Working from his basement, company founder Albert Juilfs produced the Springtramp Eliminator, a mechanical device that eliminated a common vibration problem with automobiles of the time.


Pneumatic Excellence

SENCO created the world’s first pneumatic staplers for industrial packaging and upholstery, setting a new standard for ease and speed on the assembly line. The company’s future was sealed. Today, SENCO focuses all its effort on creating industry-leading fasteners and fastening tools.



The Springtramp Eliminator Company was incorporated and shortened its name to SENCO. The name change reflected the broadening line of products offered by SENCO (and reduced the expense of sending telegrams, which were billed by the letter.)


USA-Made Fasteners

SENCO opened its first manufacturing facility on Broadwell Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it produced two new fastener products — paper-taped framing nails and coil nails. The facility would expand 5 years later to accomodate rapidly expanding lines of tools and fasteners.


A Decade of Innovation

SENCO launched the SN325 Framing Nailer. In the following years, SENCO introduced many new tools that became favorites of builders, woodworkers, and more, including the SFN40 and SN60 nailers, the M2+ and M3+ staplers, and the SLP20 Brad Nailer and new FramePro framing nailer series.


The Launch of DURASPIN

SENCO revolutionized the collated screw market with its cordless DURASPIN® line of auto-feed screw drivers. DURASPIN® used proprietary technology to create a completely integrated auto-feed screw system with never-before-seen features. A corded model and attachments were launched later that year.


The Invention of Cordless Pneumatic Nailers

SENCO introduced FUSION® technology with the award-winning cordless 15-Gauge finish nailer. By incorporating an onboard, permanently sealed air cylinder, FUSION® technology eliminated the need for fuel cells, along with the expense, fumes and cleaning associated with them.


Global Headquarters Announced

After acquiring SENCO in 2017, the KYOCERA Corporation announced a million-dollar investment to expand the Broadwell Road facility and bring all Cincinnati-based SENCO employees under one roof. The new global headquarters will improve communication, innovation and collaboration, leading to further innovation in the coming years.