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Item Number Compatible With Type
HA0201 GT90FRH
HC0536 SCN49
70063 SCN56
HB0057 SFN2
HC0507 SLS18
HC0572 SLS18Mg
HF0028 SLS20XP (K, L, & R
crowns), SLS25XP-L
HF0029 SLS20XP (M crown)
HF0064 FIP25XP
HC0396 FIP32
HF0079 FIP42XP, FIP41XP, AF41, CF41, SFN40,
HF0113 FN55AX
HF0110 FN65DA
HF0046 FP600-650 Series, FP700 Series
HC0253 FP600-650 Series, FP700 Series
HA0170 FP601, FP602, FP651, FP652
HC0626 GT65DA
HC0625 GT65RHA
HA0200 GT90CH
HF0083 AF25, CF25
HC0463 FIP11
HC0506 FIP15, FIP18
HC0571 FIP15Mg, FIP18Mg