Repair Kit

SENCO repair kits are designed to provide the parts normally needed to properly maintain and service your SENCO tools.


Item Number Compatible With Type
YJ0037 WC150RXP, WC150XP, WC200XP Retrofit Kit-Solid Safety
YK0850 SNS200XP Block Out Kit
HC0748 SNS200XP Siding Safety Kit
YK0783 WC150RXP, WC150XP, WC200XP Repair Kit
YK0786 WC150RXP, WC150XP, WC200XP Block Out Kit
YK0230 SNS45XP Firing System Kit
YK0231 SNS45XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0375 SNS50XP, SQS55XP Repair Kit
YK0838 SNS200XP-BST Firing System Kit
YK0839 SNS200XP-BST Piston Kit
YK0840 SNS200XP Firing System Kit
YK0841 SNS200XP Piston Kit
YK0374 SNS40 Repair Kit
YK0423 SNS41 Repair Kit
YJ0034 SNS41 (Retrofit Kit) Cap/Firing valve
YK0421 SNS44XP Firing System Kit
YK0422 SNS44XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0359 SLS25XP Firing System Kit
YK0444 SN901XP, SN902XP, FramePro325XP, SN951XP, SN952XP,
Firing System Kit
YK0445 SN901XP, SN902XP, FramePro325XP, SCP40XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0768 SN951XP, SN952XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0775 SFW09 Repair Kit
YK0321 SFW10XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0322 SFW10XP Firing System Kit
YK0373 SLP20 Repair Kit
YK0372 SLS20 Repair Kit
YK0291 SLS25XP Piston Stop Kit
YJ0035 SFN1, SKS, SPS Retrofit Kit
YK0368 SFN30 Repair Kit
YK0367 SFN40 Repair Kit
YK0802 SFT 10XP, SFT 10XP D/L,
Piston Stop Kit
YK0803 SFT 10XP, SFT 10XP D/L,
Kit Firing System Kit
YK0804 SFT 10XP (AUTO D/L), SFN1,
Kit Firing System Kit
YK0370 SC 1 Repair Kit
YK0769 SCN48 Repair Kit
YK0771 SCN49 Repair Kit
YK0366 SCN60, SCN65 Repair Kit
YK0376 SFN1, SKS, SPS Repair Kit
YK0402 PW150, PW200 Repair Kit
YK0403 PW150R Repair Kit
YK0424 RoofPro? 455XP Firing System Kit
YK0865 RoofPro? 445XP Repair Kit
YK0426 RoofPro?455XP, RoofPro?450XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0371 MW, SC 2 Repair Kit
YK0446 PAL57F Repair Kit
YK0447 PAL70 Repair Kit
YK0774 PAL90 Repair Kit
YK0777 PAL100 Repair Kit
BA0158 HN150, HN250 Repair Kit
YK0823 JoistPro150XP Repair Kits
YK0824 JoistPro150XP Repair Kits
YK0825 JoistPro250XP Repair Kits
YK0826 JoistPro250XP Repair Kits
YK0858 LS1XP Repair Kit
YK0365 FinishPro 35 Repair Kit
YK0361 FinishPro 41XP, 42XP Firing System Kit
YK0362 FinishPro 41XP, 42XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0360 FramePro 601, 602, 651, 652
Repair Kit
YK0243 FramePro XP 701, 752, 702,
Firing System Kit
YK0244 FramePro XP 701, 752, 702,
Piston Stop Kit
YK0854 FinishPro 23SXP Repair Kit
YK0282 FinishPro 25XP Piston Stop Kit
YK0394 FinishPro 32 Repair Kit
YK0787 FinishPro 33MG Repair Kit
YK0780 FinishPro 15Mg, 18Mg, SL15MG, SLS18MG Repair Kit
YK0855 FinishPro 23LXP, 21LXP Repair Kit
YK0393 FinishPro 15, 18, 2N1, SLS15,
Repair Kit
YK0281 FinishPro 25XP Firing System Kit