Senco® Expands Line of Magnesium Tools

Senco® Expands Line of Magnesium Tools

CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 5, 2012 – Senco® Brands, Inc. has added two professional-grade, feature-rich pneumatic finish nailers to its line of ultralight, magnesium-body tools. These new offerings include the FinishPro®33Mg and the FinishPro®35Mg, which join the FinishPro®18Mg brad nailer and SLS18Mg stapler.

The FinishPro33Mg nailer is for driving 16-gauge, 20-degree-angled finish nails, and the FinishPro35Mg nailer drives 15-gauge, 34-degree-angled finish nails. Both tools feature oil-free motors that protect work surfaces from oil carryover; metal cylinders for increased durability; selectable triggers for fingertip control of the fastening method; rotatable exhausts and belt hooks to keep work surfaces clean and the tools at the ready; and over-molded rubber grips, swivel plugs and reload indicators. Other common features include tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment to accurately countersink fasteners into a variety of materials; push-button air blowers for dusting off excess drywall powder, sawdust, dirt and debris from work surfaces; and ¼” NPT air inlets.

FinishPro33Mg 16-gauge nailer is ideal for finish and trim work, as well as baseboard, cabinets, chair rail, decorative trim, door and window casing, furniture trim and paneling. It holds 110, 20-degree 1¼”-2½” fasteners, weighs 3.83 lbs. (1.74 kg), and measures 11½”h x 12″l x 3″w (291 mm x 305 mm x 76 mm). Operating pressure is 70-120 psi (4.8-8.3 bar).

FinishPro35 Mg 15-gauge nailer is designed for similar type applications as the FinishPro® 33Mg. It holds 110 34-degree, 1¼”-2½” fasteners weighs 4.65 lbs. (2.1 kg), and measures 12¼”h 13″l x 3.4″w (311 mm x 330 mm x 86 mm). Operating pressure is 70-120 psi (4.8-8.3 bar).

FinishPro18Mg 18-gauge brad nailer can be used for working on chair rail, baseboards, ornamentals, case backs, cabinetry, furniture repair, small trim and craft assembly. It holds 110, ⅝”-2⅛” fasteners, weighs 2.48 lbs. (1.12 kg), and measures 9¾”h x 10½”l x 2½”w (248 mm x 267 mm x 63.5 mm). Operating pressure is 70-120 psi (4.8-8.3 bar).

SLS18Mg 18-gauge stapler is used for a variety of applications, including cabinets, soffit, drawer assembly, picture frames, case backs and craft assembly. It holds 110, ¼” crown by ⅜”-1⅝” L-wire staples, weighs 2.6 lbs. (1.8 kg) and measures 9½”h x 10¼”l x 2½”w (241 mm x 260 mm x 63.5 mm). Operating pressure is 75-120 psi (5.2-8.3 bar).

All four tools carry a limited five-year warranty. MSRP is $185 for the FinishPro33Mg; $209 for the FinishPro35 Mg; $105 for the FinishPro18Mg; and $118 for the SLS18Mg.


About Senco
Senco manufactures a broad line of air-, battery- and gas-powered tools, including nailers, staplers and screwguns, for professionals involved in wood-to-wood construction and remodeling and a variety of industrial applications. Its tools are available through professional distribution outlets in more than 40 countries. The company also manufacturers more than 750 types, styles and sizes of fasteners in its Cincinnati, Ohio facility.