SENCO® Innovation Expands Benefits of Auto-Feed Screw Systems to Commercial Metal-to-Metal Fastening Applications

CINCINNATI (October 12, 2016) – SENCO is introducing an innovative Channel Fit Nosepiece attachment for its DuraSpin® auto-feed screw driving system that gives commercial construction professionals a better way to tackle metal-to-metal fastening applications, eliminating dropped screws and material waste while increasing speed and accuracy.

The Channel Fit Nosepiece was specifically developed to extend the benefits of SENCO’s DuraSpin system to applications that require the tool to feed screws easily into recessed channels up to 1.8” deep. Typical applications include steel decking, hat channel, wall panel construction, resilient channel, metal truss assembly, window framing and aluminum extrusions.

The first of its kind accessory can drive screws ½” to 1” long. There is no need to adjust the setting for varying screw lengths. The nosepiece ensures proper spacing between fasteners to prevent overlap in tight places and to comply with strict commercial codes. And, the narrow barrel design provides a clear line of sight to improve screw placement in pre-punched holes.

SENCO Duraspin auto-feed screw systems reduce installation time by eliminating the need to load fasteners individually. The tool is ergonomically designed for use with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold materials securely in place if necessary.

The Channel Fit Nosepice is compatible with all of SENCO’s 2” DuraSpin tools. MSRP: $29