Senco® Introduces JoistPro™ 150 and 250 Metal Connector Nailers

Senco® Introduces JoistPro™ 150 and 250 Metal Connector Nailers

Durable, Lightweight Tools Drive Fasteners into Tough Substrates with Pinpoint
Accuracy and Speed for Maximum Productivity

CINCINNATI (December 7, 2011) — Senco, the leader in professional power
fastening technology, announces the introduction of its new JoistPro metal
connector nailers.

Available in February 2012, this class of nailers drives 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” long by
.131” to .162” diameter 34˚collated nails through holes in metal hardware with
pinpoint accuracy and speed. Applications include fastening joist hangers, seismic
and hurricane ties, post bases and caps, foundation caps and other metal framing

Lightweight, ergonomically balanced, and competitively priced, Senco’s compact,
single shot metal connector nailers are a welcome addition to the category. Two
models are available: the JoistPro 150, a dedicated 1-1/2” tool, and the JoistPro
250 for nails up to 2-1/2” long.

Both models feature innovative nosepiece designs for quick, safe, precise nail
placement, and pack enough power to deliver a flush drive on the toughest
substrates, including engineered lumber.

JoistPro 150

The JoistPro 150 fires a single strip of 1-1/2″ paper tape collated nails ranging from
.131″ to .148″ in diameter. The tool nose exposes each nail tip before it fires for
exact placement into the pre-punched holes. A dry-fire lockout prevents blank
driving and signals the user when it’s time to reload fasteners.

At 10.4” tall and weighing 4.6 pounds, the JoistPro 150 is smaller and lighter than
competitor models, making it ideal for navigating tight spaces and hard-to-reach
areas, as well as working comfortably overhead. The tool’s short, slightly offset
magazine fits conveniently into 90˚angled corners for added maneuverability. A
full comfort grip reduces fatigue and minimizes slipping to maintain firm control in
humid conditions. Other convenience features include a tool-free 360˚ adjustable
exhaust that directs blow-back out and away from the user and an adjustable rafter

MSRP: $219

JoistPro 250

Senco’s more powerful JoistPro 250 fires a single strip of 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″ paper
tape collated nails ranging from .131 to .162 in diameter.

The tool uses an integral nosepiece probe to locate the metal connector holes for
accurate placement. When the tool is fired, the tip moves out of the way, allowing
the lever to guide the nail directly into the hole. The rear load magazine captures
the fastener by the head so there is no need to adjust anything when switching
between nail lengths.

Designed for heavy-duty use, and weighing nearly two pounds less than its closest
competitor, the JoistPro 250 has many similar features to the 150, including a full
comfort grip, a 360˚ adjustable exhaust, dry-fire lockout and an adjustable rafter
hanger, with the addition of a dedicated belt hook on the side.

MSRP: $299

The JoistPro 150 and 250 will be available from Senco distributors. For locations,

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For nearly 60 years, Senco has been recognized around the world as the leading
name in fasteners and power fastening tools for use in wood-to-wood construction,
remodeling and a variety of industrial applications.

Senco’s comprehensive line of air-, battery- and gas-powered nailers, staplers and
screwguns are available through professional distribution outlets in more than 40

The company proudly manufactures more than 750 styles, types and sizes of
fasteners in its Cincinnati, Ohio facility.