Choose the right air compressor for the job. 

Don’t take your choice of air compressors for granted. Finding the right mix of power and portability can make all the difference for your next project. There are many different types of air compressors, all with various strengths when it comes to operating your nailer effectively and efficiently.

Learn about types of nailers that require a compressor.


There are three key considerations when choosing an air compressor: airflow, application and tank size.

Airflow: Standard cubic feet per minute, generally called SCFM or CFM, is a measurement of the amount of air the tank delivers. The higher the CFM, the quicker the pump-up times — and the greater your ability to use larger tools without charging up. Bigger tools need more air, so make sure you choose an air compressor with enough CFM to get the job done.

Application: Do you need to use your compressor indoors? If you work in finish and trim or just like a quieter option, a smaller, 1-gallon air compressor is supremely portable and lets you talk to your co-workers without raising your voice. Jobs that require larger nailers, such as framing, require larger compressors that store more air. 

Tank size: Measured in gallons, tank size indicates how much air is stored in the compressor. The larger the storage, the more shots you’ll get per charge. Larger tanks allow you to run bigger tools with larger air volume requirements, such as framing nailers or metal connector nailers. Smaller tanks may be able to drive larger nailers, but they will need to refill frequently, making them less efficient. 


SENCO offers a lineup of air compressors to suit any project, with tanks ranging from 1 to 6 gallons and airflow of up to 4.4 CFM at 90 PSI.

PC1010 and PC1010N: These lightweight but mighty air compressors are perfect for finish and trim, smaller jobs and punch-out work. Quiet enough to carry on a conversation while you’re running them and small enough to fit on a countertop or in a bathroom, they’re ideal for indoor use. And if you’re using an 18-gauge brad nailer or other small finish tools, you can run them all day and never need to charge.

PC0968: This twin-tank compressor is best suited for contractors working inside on finish and trim projects – especially those who use multiple tools on the same job. While still quiet, this compressor’s size accommodates larger gauge tools.

PC1131: Known across the industry for its durability and dependability, this oil-splash compressor is best suited for exterior applications and designed to run big body exterior framing construction tools – think framers and commercial staplers.

PC1280: With its unique “pancake” configuration, this compressor packs 6 gallons of air into a smaller footprint than compressors with a “hotdog” shape. Its volume allows you to run two tools, inside or out.

SENCO makes air compressors to handle any job you’re tackling. Find your local SENCO dealer at https://www.senco.com/find-a-dealer.

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