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    Fastening Tips From The Pros

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    My Nailer Won’t Fire - Troubleshooting Common Causes of Jams and Misfires

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    5 Surprising Ways To Use Duraspin Auto-Feed Screw Drivers

    DURASPIN is known as the best-in-class auto-feed screw driver for fast and efficient drywalling, subflooring, decking and fence building. However, thanks to its versatility and durability, DURASPIN is also ideal for many types of commercial and manufacturing tasks.
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    Oiled vs. Oilless Nailers

    What is the difference between an oiled nail gun and an oilless nail gun? Exactly what it sounds like — one type of tool requires a few drops of oil each use, and the other does not. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of nailers that SENCO offers and to determine which tool is right for you.
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    Easy, Inexpensive Projects to do While Staying Home

    Too much free time can make anybody feel restless. You can stay productive while you’re stuck at home by scouting your property for projects. Inexpensive, light renovations can make your home a more pleasant place to live while significantly increasing its value. You can also extend the life of furniture with a little know-how.
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    Choosing the right air compressor for portable power

    Don’t take your choice of air compressors for granted. Finding the right mix of power and portability can make all the difference for your next project. Read on to learn more about how to pick the right compressor for your work.
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    Simplify your next decking project

    Decks add a dose of fun to backyards and functionality to commercial and recreational spaces. But first comes the hard work. Achieving the perfect board spacing, driving screws to the right depth - even something as simple as matching your screw color to your lumber - can be a challenge. But these simple tips can help you choose the right tools and fasteners to make your next deck a sturdy and eye-catching success.
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    Anatomy of a Staple

    It’s difficult to imagine a fastener more versatile than the staple. There’s one for every project, from fine upholstery to subflooring installation. With so much variety, it’s essential to choose the right staple for your job, considering the differences in crown, gauge, point, coatings and more. Read on to learn about these workhorse fasteners and find the perfect one for your next project.
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    The 5 Keys To Pneumatic Tool Safety

    We all know that pneumatic tools are great productivity enhancers, easy to operate and fun to use. But just when users start to get comfortable with them is when accidents are most likely to occur. From our perspective and long experience, here are five things to always keep top of mind if you want to stay safe on the job site.
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    Seasonal Tool Maintenance Made Simple

    During the winter, construction and remodeling activity can go into a bit of a deep freeze. There’s no better time than this natural lull in business activity to think about annual maintenance of your pneumatic tools and compressors and getting them in shape for the new year.
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    How to Gauge It

    There is a lot to consider when choosing the right finish nailer for your needs. This blog post explains the benefits of the various sizes of finish nailers, as well as the ideal applications for each. Read more to discover which nailer will give you the best results.
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    The History of SENCO

    SENCO first revolutionized the fastening industry more than 70 years ago. Decades later, we are still revolutionizing pneumatic fastening systems, and helping professionals get the best results.
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    Anatomy of a screw

    It’s easy to overlook the complexity of screws. These ever-present fasteners seem simple, but they include several unique parts that make them the right (or wrong) screw for your job. Read on to learn how to make the right choice for your work.
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    Nail Every Project with SENCO Fusion Technology

    SENCO’s Fusion™ Technology combines the power and speed of a traditional pneumatic tool with the convenience of cordless. Read more to learn how Fusion™ Technology works and how you can benefit from using it on your next project.
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    3 Keys to Drywall Done Right

    We at SENCO want to make your next drywall project as successful as possible, and this article aims to help you accomplish this. Read more to learn about the different screw types, sizes, and fastening solutions, as well as common mistakes to avoid when hanging drywall.
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    Choosing the Right Nail for the Job

    Pneumatic nailers are lightweight, efficient and drive fasteners with a great deal of ease and precision, making them ideal for a variety of applications. With a wide variety of options to choose from, picking the best tool and fastener combination can seem like a complicated task.
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    Anatomy of a Fastener – Nails Explained

    While nails are most often used in wood applications, they can also be used to fasten materials to concrete, masonry, or metals. This article focuses on wood fastening and provides information on nail sizes, shapes, and uses.
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    The Evolution of Auto-Feed Screwdrivers

    Ever since the release of SENCO’s DuraSpin™ auto-feed screwdriving technology in 2001, industry professionals have been enamored by the sheer effectiveness and improved efficiency of this revolutionary platform. Today, SENCO continues to improve upon this product line by listening to suggestions from the industry professionals who put DruraSpin™ on the map.
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