The History of SENCO

The History of SENCO


It all started over 70 years ago, with the Springtramp ElimiNator (the SEN in SENCO) – the device that improved automotive spring action and eliminated a common vibration problem with cars at the time. Since then, the succeeding decades have seen a series of original products, focused in the area of pneumatic fastening systems that are designed to help professionals get the best results.

Industry Firsts

  • Pre-dating recent introductions speaking to customer needs
  • First pneumatic stapler in the world (1948)
  • 15ga DA Finish Nails
  • Duraspin® Integrated Screw systems (1990’s)
  • Fusion Cordless Pneumatics (2010)

Our Philosophy

Listening and learning from our customers about equipment issues has been the secret to our success. It’s allowed us to develop products that enable professional contractors to get the best results, without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

Creating innovative products starts with our understanding of professional users, their applications and the challenges they face every day. When it comes to product development, the voice of the customer (VOC) is an integral part of everything we do. Beginning with early product definition and concept development through final product verification, SENCO strives to ensure that we’ve met or exceeded the expectations of our users. We do this with extensive in-house testing, global on-site testing, and rigorous industrial in-plant testing.

Our Future

Our history of innovation is what made us who we are today – pioneers in the industry – and it’s what will carry us in the future. As material substrates evolve and building codes change, we continue to develop tools and fasteners that adapt to the changing commercial and residential building industry, and increase the productivity and performance of our users. We’re excited for what the future holds, and are thrilled that you are going to be a part of it as a PRO Team member.