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Seasonal Tool Maintenance Made Simple

During the winter, construction and remodeling activity can go into a bit of a deep freeze. There’s no better time than this natural lull in business activity to think about annual maintenance of your pneumatic tools and compressors and getting them in shape for the new year.

At SENCO, we highly recommend a daily care routine for your tools. This includes things like checking for loose screws to make sure the trigger and safety are moving freely, cleaning the feed system, lubricating the air fitting and, of course, draining the accumulated moisture from your compressor. But we’re also big believers in a more thorough annual service.

Here’s a checklist of things you might want to consider doing this off-season. Of course, the
there’s always the authorized warranty service center option as well.

#1:  Check Driver Blades

Driver blades can chip or bend over time. After you take your tool apart, check that there are no visible chips or cracks on the blade and the tip is dressed properly. If the blade tip is broken or misshapen, it may not deliver the proper countersink.

#2: Replace Damaged O-Rings

Several o-rings are located inside pneumatic tools and can be compromised by exposure to moisture.. Make sure the o-rings aren’t ripped, cracked or pitted. This can result in a faulty seal and compromise tool performance.

#3: Make Sure the Piston Stop is Intact

The piston stop acts as a cushion when the piston retracts back into the cylinder after being fired. Because this part gets so much stress, it has a tendency to fracture or degrade. If it’s cracked or torn, you will want to replace it. You’ll likely need a screwdriver set to complete this repair.

#4: Clean the cylinder sleeve and drive track

While you have your tool apart, you’ll also want to look at the cylinder sleeve and ensure it’s cleaned and greased properly and free of debris and scratches. The drive track should also be free of dust and debris.

#5: Check the oil in your compressors

Checking the oil level in your compressors should be a regular habit. If it isn’t, make a resolution for the New Year to start doing it. Low oil level is a killer for compressor pumps.

If you have any questions or need additional advice or assistance on how to properly care for your tools, feel free to ask our experts. A complete listing of SENCO authorized warranty service centers, searchable by city, state or zip, is available here.