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Nail Every Project with SENCO Fusion Technology

For construction pros seeking convenience – without sacrificing power – SENCO’s Fusion line of cordless pneumatic nailers offers the feel of a true pneumatic tool with none of the headaches.

Forget dragging around air compressors and hoses for pneumatics or buying fuel cells for gas combustion nailers or enduring the slow responses of flywheels. The newest line of SENCO Fusion nailers lasts longer and makes time on the job site even easier for trim crews, remodelers and punch-out teams.

How Fusion Technology Works

At its most basic, Fusion technology combines pneumatic power and performance with the ease of a cordless tool. Pioneered by SENCO, these nailers consist of six main components: a battery, gearbox, electric motor, lifter, driver and a cylinder of pressurized air containing a piston. The motor and gearbox turn the lifter, raising the driver above the piston. This stores energy, so that when you pull the trigger, your nail is driven within nanoseconds. The lifter then picks up the driver and stores energy for the next shot. The technology uses that pressurized air over and over again to create the same rapid response and feel you get from a pneumatic tool.

Why Fusion Is the Right Choice

Twenty years ago, the construction industry was skeptical that cordless tools could be effective on job sites. Today’s many options prove otherwise, but SENCO’s Fusion technology provides far more benefits than alternatives like gas combustion and mechanical flywheel nailers. Consider these failings of gas combustion and flywheel nailers:

Gas combustion nailers:

  • Require pricey fuel cells that cost you about $300 alone in the construction of an average American home. If the fuel cells expire, they must be taken to hazardous disposal sites.
  • Need annual cleanings that cost around $100.
  • Do not feature contact actuation as an option, because the fuel must mix each time you drive a nail, causing a delay after you pull the trigger.
  • Emit unpleasant odors and hazardous fumes that can cause headaches.

Mechanical flywheel nailers:

  • Rely on old technology. SENCO developed the industry’s first flywheel nailer more than a decade ago. The company sought a truly pneumatic tool, though, which flywheels are not, so SENCO engineers continued their research and developed Fusion technology.
  • Suffer from delayed shots because they slow down after hitting top speed. As a result, you start to outpace your own tool.
  • Weigh more than other nailers.
  • Cost a great deal to service because of their numerous moving parts. Flywheels also need to have their springs replaced every 20,000 shots.

SENCO’s Fusion technology beats gas combustion and flywheel nailers on all points. Consider these unique benefits:

  • Get an instant shot that’s 60 percent faster than other cordless nailers.
  • No fuel cells or cleaning services to buy.
  • Choose from contact or sequential modes.
  • Fusion nailers weigh 30 percent less than flywheel tools.
  • Faster drive velocities result in less recoil and better drive quality.
  • Better balance, feel and ergonomics.
  • Odorless and approved for use in occupied buildings.

Introducing New Fusion Advancements

The latest Fusion nailers feature improvements based on real customer feedback. SENCO has a dedicated team of employees who visit job sites to see in-person how the company’s tools are used. Also, the company’s expansive engineering team scrutinizes any returns to understand issues experienced by customers. This culture of continuous improvement has led to these advancements over prior models:

  • Improved Drive Train: The addition of a new roller and driver material will cause less wear and lengthen the already industry-leading lifespan of Fusion nailers.
  • New On/Off Switch: A new LED light indicates when your nailer is on and whether it is in sequential or contact mode, eliminating unintentional setting changes.
  • Automatic Shut-off Feature: Fusion nailers now shut off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.
  • EZ-Clear: While rare, jams are a fact of life. SENCO has made it easier than ever to fix them. Each Fusion nailer’s entire magazine, including the back plate, can be removed completely without tools in less than a second. By comparison, competitors’ nailers require tools to remove bolts before taking off the magazine, clearing the jam and reassembling.
  • New Electronics: A brighter LED light better illuminates your work surface.

SENCO’s Fusion technology is the most advanced on the market today, and the company expects to one day scale that technology to an entire line of cordless pneumatic tools that will handle everything from the smallest job to the biggest. Find your local SENCO dealer at https://www.senco.com/find-a-dealer/.