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SENCO’s cordless pneumatic nailers explained

For professional woodworkers and construction workers seeking convenience – without sacrificing power – cordless pneumatic nailers powered by SENCO’s FUSION technology offer the feel of a true pneumatic tool with none of the drawbacks.

Forget dragging around air compressors and hoses for pneumatics, buying fuel cells for gas combustion nailers, or enduring the slow ramp-up time of flywheels. The newest line of SENCO cordless pneumatic nailers are just as fast and powerful as traditional pneumatic tools. The latest upgrades to SENCO FUSION technology makes SENCO’s cordless nailers much easier to maintain and repair. 

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FUSION is the technology that powers SENCO cordless nailers, which are powered by air — hence “cordless pneumatic.” Invented by SENCO, FUSION technology incorporates six high-tech components: a battery, gearbox, electric motor, lifter, driver and a cylinder of pressurized air, which houses the piston. Compressed air in the cylinder acts as stored energy — when you pull the trigger, the nail is driven instantly. The battery powers a motor and gearbox that turn the lifter, raising the driver blade assembly. The piston recompresses the air and stores energy for the next shot. The whole process takes a fraction of a second. 

Unlike traditional pneumatic nailers, there is no exhaust on a SENCO cordless pneumatic tool. The same air is recompressed over and over, and the tool should never need refilling from everyday use. However, the latest generation of FUSION technology features an air release valve that lets you easily and safely depressurize the tool for maintenance. This same valve can be used to refill the compressed air cylinder. 


Twenty years ago, the construction industry was skeptical that cordless tools could be effective on job sites. Today’s many options prove otherwise, but SENCO’s FUSION technology provides far more benefits than alternatives like gas combustion and mechanical flywheel nailers. Consider these unique benefits:

  • Get an instant shot that’s up to 60 percent faster than other cordless nailers.
  • No fuel cells or cleaning services to buy.
  • Choose from contact or sequential modes.
  • SENCO cordless nailers weigh 30 percent less than flywheel tools.
  • Faster drive velocities result in less recoil and better drive quality.
  • Better balance, feel and ergonomics.
  • Odorless and approved for use in occupied buildings.

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The latest generation of SENCO cordless nailers features improvements based on detailed customer feedback. SENCO has a dedicated team of employees who visit job sites and service centers to see in-person how the company’s tools are used. Additionally, the company’s expansive engineering team scrutinizes any returns to understand issues experienced by customers. This culture of continuous improvement has led to many advancements over prior models. 

  • Pressure Release Valve: SENCO’s latest cordless pneumatic nailers feature a pressure relief valve that allows the tools to be easily depressurized for maintenance, then refilled. 
  • More Power: SENCO cordless nailers are optimized to drive into increasingly dense substrates such as engineered lumber. 
  • New Electronics: A brighter LED light better illuminates your work surface.
  • Advanced Jam Reduction Intelligence: SENCO cordless pneumatic nailers work to reduce jams and alert users when they occur.
  • Automatic Shut-off Feature: Nailers shut off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

SENCO’s FUSION technology powers the most advanced cordless nailers on the market today, and the company expects to one day scale that technology to an entire line of cordless pneumatic tools that will handle everything from the smallest job to the biggest. 

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