KYOCERA SENCO Re-engineers DuraSpin Integrated System Line

KYOCERA SENCO Re-engineers DuraSpin Integrated System Line

SENCO Transforms Cordless Auto-Feed Screw System Line to Boost Contractor Productivity and Precision

CINCINNATI, OH (May 29, 2020) – SENCO’s industry-leading line of DuraSpin auto-feed screw systems has been re-engineered with new features specifically designed to improve user productivity and consistency while eliminating jams and misfires.

The new DuraSpin products — the DS222-18V, DS225-18V, and DS322-18V — are designed with specific applications in mind, from drywall installation to higher torque projects such as flooring, decking and metal framing.

The latest generation of DuraSpin tools share the following new and improved features:

Enhanced Feed System – With the new DuraSpin line, screws feed automatically after the previous drive, so there is no waiting for screws to advance after the nosepiece is compressed. This saves time, eliminates skipping screws and makes operation feel smoother and less cumbersome.

Brushless Motor – New brushless motors are smaller, produce less heat and provide better performance and less wear and tear on internal components over time.

Removable Feed System for Reversing or Finishing Screws – Now, you can expose the bit in a snap. The entire front end on the new models comes off in a click to remove or finish proud screws.

Smaller and Lighter – Weighing between five and six pounds, the new tools are lighter than prior SENCO models allowing the use of a higher capacity battery without impacting overall weight and ease of use. The new models are also smaller and shorter to get into tighter spaces.

Universal Nosepiece for Drywall and Wood – A new universal nosepiece is designed to keep from marring drywall while also being easy to angle for toenailing wood. There’s no need to switch out nosepieces based on application.

Latest Li-Ion Battery Technology – Cordless DuraSpin models now come with the latest Li-Ion battery technology. A 3Ah slim pack provides more than twice the number of drives per charge of previous DuraSpin auto-feed screwdrivers in the same size pack.

“Our DuraSpin screw systems have set the standard in job site productivity for drywall and construction pros since SENCO launched the first integrated screw driver back in 2000,” says Mike Desmond, director of screw systems and automation at SENCO. “Now, we’re leading the way to even greater productivity gains and versatility with this new generation of tools.”

The three new DuraSpin models feature motors with speeds to fit a variety of applications:

•   DS222-18V: 2,500/1,600 RPM motor for driving into the densest materials. With the speed selection button, users can quickly decrease the maximum speed to 1600 RPM for heavy steel applications. This model drives 1- to 2-inch screws.

•   DS225-18V: 5,000 RPM motor for drywall applications, driving 1- to 2-inch screws.

•   DS322-18V: 2,500/1,600 RPM motor for high-torque applications such as flooring, decking, docks, crating, gypsum/sheathing to steel and tile roofing. This model can accommodate up to a 3-inch screw.

The new cordless DuraSpin products will be available in June with suggested pricing between $359.99 and $379.99.

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