Kits Include Auto-Feed Attachments for 1” to 3” Screws and Stand-Up Extensions

CINCINNATI, OHIO (11/11/2021) — KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools Inc. (SENCO) today announced the latest expansion to its award-winning line of DURASPIN™ auto-feed screwdrivers. The new DS530 series of attachments instantly turn DeWalt, Makita and SENCO drivers into productivity-boosting, fatigue-reducing tools that feed collated screws automatically.

The attachments, which feed screws from 1” to 3” long, can be attached directly to DeWalt, Makita or SENCO screwdrivers with an adaptor included for one-handed fastening of drywall, fence boards, sheathing, cement board and much more. Additionally, each DS530 attachment comes with a three-foot extension pole that turns the driver into a stand-up tool, reducing back and joint strain when attaching deck boards, subfloor, underlayment and more.

“Based on years of research with partners working in the construction industry, we have created an auto-feed attachment that is as simple to assemble and use as an all-in-one system, yet still allows users to keep using their favorite power tool brands and battery platforms,” said Ryan Distler, product manager for SENCO’s DURASPIN tools. “All hallmark DURASPIN features are present on the new attachments, and everything the user needs is included, from adaptors and the extension pole to drive bits and an adjustable handle.”

New innovations include a quick-release clamp that instantly connects the DS530 with no additional tools, as well as a patented sliding screw guide that prevents jams and misfeeds. Like all current-generation DURASPIN tools, the new attachments feature the Corner-Fit Feed system that easily drives screws into tight spaces; tool-free screw length adjustment; and an adjustable depth of drive with depth lock. The DS530 series also incorporates SENCO’s Feed-on-Return drive system, which automatically puts each screw in place before you drive, for increased speed, precision and productivity.

The DS530 attachment line-up includes three models, one for each brand of compatible tool, with an extension pole, power-grip adjustable handle, adaptors and three drive bits included:

  • DS530-M1 – This attachment fits seven common Makita corded and cordless screwdrivers.
  • DS530-DI – This attachment fits eight common DeWalt corded and cordless screwdrivers.
  • DS530-S1 – This attachment fits SENCO’s SG2510 and SG4100 corded screwdrivers.

Additionally, two all-in-one kits include a SENCO screwdriver and storage bag, as well as a DS530 attachment and accessories. Options include:

  • DS534-AC – This kit includes a 4,000-RPM SG4100 screwdriver, a DS530-S1 attachment, extension pole, three drive bits, an adjustable handle and a storage bag.
  • DS532-AC – This kit includes a 2,500-RPM SG2510 screwdriver, a DS530-S1 attachment, extension pole, three drive bits, an adjustable handle and a storage bag.

The DS530 attachment series will be available in early November with a suggested retail price of $189. The DS534-AC kit will retail for $249 and the DS532-AC kit will retail for $259. For more information, visit

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